Things To Consider About Playhouse Safety

Mar 17 , 2018

Things To Consider About Playhouse Safety

The process of planning, building, and buying a playhouse is a lot of fun – we highly recommend getting your little one involved as early as possible. Among the decisions you need to make, safety is probably the most important consideration. We want to make sure these structures are as safe as possible. For example, if you want to have a wooden playhouse, make sure that pointed ends of nails will not protrude through the ceiling and interior walls. Or there should be no splinters on railings and other surfaces that are exposed to a lot of handling.

Depending on the products you purchase, you will receive safety guides specific to the products. Below is a general safety checklist that is applicable to any of the products in this store.

Playhouse Safety Checklist:

  1. Select an appropriate place for the playhouse. If you plan to place the playhouse outside and you have small children, you may want to be able to see the playhouse from inside the house.
  2. Make sure the materials of the playhouse are safe to children.
  3. The playhouse should not have sharp corners, especially at head level.
  4. The materials for windows should not shatter.
  5. Be cautious with space and gaps that your children might stick their heads through or fall through
  6. Remove any protruding objects, such as nails, and check for splinters.
  7. If you have a play structure with swings, slides, or climbing walls make sure the ground beneath is covered with appropriate materials. These material should also be able to serve as cushions. Please be advised that these materials might not completely eliminate the danger of falls.
  8. If you are putting together the playhouse yourself, please be sure to put away all of your tools properly when done. Keep a first-aid kit handy for the unavoidable scrapes and nicks.
  9. Inspect you playhouse after completion and periodically for safety hazards

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