Win Green Handmade Cotton Butterfly Cottage Playhouse

FREE SHIPPING on Purchases of $125 or more (Limited Time Only)No Tax (Except State of Washington) At Playhouse of Dreams, we find ourselves particularly enamored of our quaint, lemon-colored Cotton Butterfly Cottage Playhouse. Its design is simple yet pretty and manages to capture the essence of a beautiful summer day. Any...
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FREE SHIPPING on Purchases of $125 or more (Limited Time Only)
No Tax (Except State of Washington)

At Playhouse of Dreams, we find ourselves particularly enamored of our quaint, lemon-colored Cotton Butterfly Cottage Playhouse. Its design is simple yet pretty and manages to capture the essence of a beautiful summer day. Any minute you might expect a butterfly to land on your nose or a pleasant breeze to caress your cheek.

The exterior walls evoke a feeling of sunlight, while the design, which is comprised of lilac, butterflies, dragonflies and flowers, takes you to a summer day long ago, where you once lay, your back in the grass, watching the clouds as they lazily float by above. This upbeat, light and bright playhouse is the perfect place for your kids to play the day away...

The Cotton Butterfly Cottage Playhouse is artfully hand-made with traditional sewing and dyeing methods from India, employed since time immemorial. Each and every playhouse is unique and bears the individual touches of the craftsperson who made it.

The playhouse is further distinguished by having been created and cared for by women and men from the rural areas of India, all of whom are empowered by gainful employment and the familial and societal blessings it implies.

The design and production processes comply with European safety requirements for children’s toys. (European standard EN 71)

The lightweight metal frame gives the playhouse sufficient strength and makes for an easy setup and take-down.

The cover fabric is made of 100% cotton and can be easily removed for cleaning. The fabric is resilient enough to withstand the daily wear-and-tear of child’s play.

As a bonus, a storage bag is included to make transporting this playhouse all the more a summer breeze!

With its smaller size and simple design, the playhouse fits nicely in the corner of a typical playroom.

The comfy floor quilt is made of 100% cotton, lightly padded, appliquéd and embroidered as well. Designed to fit the base of the playhouse, it also makes a great picnic blanket or play mat. The floor quilt is conveniently machine-washable.

A great gift for any girl (suggested for ages 3 - 5) and her parents, this playhouse comes in the following sizes:

       Small: 43" long x 29" wide x 43" high

       Large: 53" long x 43" wide x 65" high

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